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The Brain Wave Spectrum

Ever wondered what’s happening to your brain in Meditation? Spiritual awakening is the ultimate intention for the eastern traditions which we in the west have immersed in through mindfulness practice. Yet the western scientists have discovered the benefits of a daily meditation practice include increased focus...

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The ultimate gift of soul release

In Shamanic journeys we have an exquisite opportunity to learn, release and integrate deep soul lessons. In my experience of guiding shamanic journeys, I frequently witness the ultimate gift of soul release; an always-beautiful recognition of the loving connection of two souls and the release...

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The Gentle Ease of Being Yoga Retreat

For a true indulgence in self care, there are 3 places left for 'The Gentle Ease of Being' retreat at Clearview Retreat a beautiful venue a short distance outside of Melbourne on May 17 to 19. Here is the description of the retreat. Explore the gentle...

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The Curse of the First Child

A beautiful new mother came to the clinic to experience a shamanic journey. She wanted to explore her deep dark family secret. It seemed there was a curse running through her lineage with the early death of the first child. Her family had seemingly suffered...

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Waratah – The Visitation of The Warrior Woman

One of the most powerful and amazing dreaming sessions I ever had the pleasure to guide was the story of the visitation of an ancestor of the Wamba Wamba people, a powerful Warrior Woman. The visitation was in a session with a sensitive kind father of two...

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Restorative & Yoga Nidra – Nervous System Reset

New 1 hour class Wednesdays 8pm @ Kundalini House Restorative and Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing class that activates the relaxation response. Balancing and calming the nervous system whilst in long held supported restorative poses. This allows the body to rest deeply and to replenish...

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Gayatri mantra with mudra

Gayatri mantra with mudra. Taught to me by my beloved iRest Yoga Nidra teacher Dr. Richard Miller. This was created as a gift to the younger version of myself lost and confused in the world until I found meditation. Learn about these iRest yoga nidra teachings with upcoming course...

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The story of the pirate snore

A beautiful sister came for a crystal dreaming shamanic journey to clear anything that may be preventing her from accessing her blueprint and to commune with the beings that love her unconditionally. As she entered into the shamanic state we cleared some past life trauma including...

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And so it begins

In my thirties I had a strong calling to go to Peru, as an explorer of the mystery and a lover of travel I booked what I thought was a yoga retreat visiting the intoxicating Amazon jungle and the breathtaking heights of the Sacred Valley. On...

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Crystal Dreaming Video Testimonals

Ever wondered what it's like to experience a Crystal Dreaming? We spoke to some people about their own experiences to give an insight into the process. If this has sparked your curiosity find out more here...

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