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Restorative & Yoga Nidra – Nervous System Reset

New 1 hour class Wednesdays 8pm @ Kundalini House Restorative and Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing class that activates the relaxation response. Balancing and calming the nervous system whilst in long held supported restorative poses. This allows the body to rest deeply and to replenish...

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Gayatri mantra with mudra

Gayatri mantra with mudra. Taught to me by my beloved iRest Yoga Nidra teacher Dr. Richard Miller. This was created as a gift to the younger version of myself lost and confused in the world until I found meditation. Learn about these iRest yoga nidra teachings with upcoming course...

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The story of the pirate snore

A beautiful sister came for a crystal dreaming shamanic journey to clear anything that may be preventing her from accessing her blueprint and to commune with the beings that love her unconditionally. As she entered into the shamanic state we cleared some past life trauma including...

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And so it begins

In my thirties I had a strong calling to go to Peru, as an explorer of the mystery and a lover of travel I booked what I thought was a yoga retreat visiting the intoxicating Amazon jungle and the breathtaking heights of the Sacred Valley. On...

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Crystal Dreaming Video Testimonals

Ever wondered what it's like to experience a Crystal Dreaming? We spoke to some people about their own experiences to give an insight into the process. If this has sparked your curiosity find out more here...

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Ritual Feminine

A 3 hour journey of Sacred Rites and practices for remembering feminine medicine for self healing and insight. with Rachel Hanrahan and Rebecca Van Horssen. Enter the space of healer as dreamer and her pathway of power and insight. Here we cultivate the innate wisdom...

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New iRest Course

My new iRest course begins April 17 at Kundalini House and runs until June 5. It's an 8 week course that includes detailed notes and weekly recordings of each practice for home use. Book at here [pdf-embedder url="" title="iRest Flyer 2018 APRIL sml"]...

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Happy Easter

I'm looking forward to the delving into the new exploration of Sacred Rest for women. What I share in this course will allow you to sleep better at night, wake up restored in the morning and build confidence in being able to honour your body's energy and...

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Sacred Rest 2018

Sacred Rest a deeply restorative and healing workshop is coming up on Sunday 11th February in North Fitzroy.  For you, my supporters to thank you, I am offering a 10% discount on the ticket price.  Use promotion code 'restoration' this is valid until the 9th...

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Introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra

Silence and Stillness is so rare in our world of consumption and production. We are so overwhelmed with stimulus, advertisements are everywhere, billboards, back of taxis, bus stops, on computer screens.  The fast pace of our lives leaves very little time to be still, to...

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