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In the hustle of life's demands, we all long for a sanctuary—a space where the weary spirit finds solace, the overtaxed mind finds peace, and the restless body finds rest. Welcome to The Dream Space, the app that beckons you to a community where this longing is not merely recognised; it is profoundly cherished.

Deeper Sleep

A revolutionary 10-week program led by expert meditation and qi gong teacher Rachel Hanrahan.
Are you tired of feeling groggy and exhausted all day? Are you
ready to experience the deep, restful sleep you deserve?
Introducing Deeper Sleep, a revolutionary 10-week program led
by expert meditation and qi gong teacher Rachel Hanrahan.
Deeper Sleep

Deeper Sleep is a 10-week course where you develop a tool kit of strategies, knowledge and techniques to ensure your best chance of deep nourishing sleep.  Everything is better when you sleep deeply, your health, your radiance, your energy, your hormones and your relationships.  Through energy based practices from ancient traditions of the yogic and Daoists, TCM elemental theory, polyvagal theory combined with embodied practices of yoga nidra and qigong the course develops your individual, unique to you pathway to deeper sleep.

Sleep is when we digest things, our experiences and emotions.

When we are in stressful times or trauma our body and nervous system is a survival mechanism scanning for safety, we can awaken a hyper vigilance state when we are activating the amygdala and the limbic system and hippocampus in the brain.  As we fall asleep the brain knows we are going into a vulnerable state so it’s going to keep you over activated so you don’t go into the deeper stages of sleep.

“I have been monitoring my sleep patterns for some months now and usually have less than 30 minutes “deep sleep” recorded each night. Imagine my delight upon checking last night’s sleep details after one yoga nidra for deeper sleep to I had notched up 1 hr 57 mins deep sleep! Wow, that is my best by far! My heart rate and stress level were also greatly reduced.”

Christine 37

The course includes
  • 10 weekly live classes  MONDAYS 8pm online.
  • Weekly Classes with lectures are recorded and available throughout the course.
  • Yoga nidra weekly practices are recorded and yoga nidra audio is available for personal download.
  • Qigong video sequences from live classes recorded for personal use.

Are you ready for Deeper Sleep?