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In the hustle of life's demands, we all long for a sanctuary—a space where the weary spirit finds solace, the overtaxed mind finds peace, and the restless body finds rest. Welcome to The Dream Space, the app that beckons you to a community where this longing is not merely recognised; it is profoundly cherished.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

I’m looking forward to the delving into the new exploration of Sacred Rest for women. What I share in this course will allow you to sleep better at night, wake up restored in the morning and build confidence in being able to honour your body’s energy and develop awareness so you can be your bodies greatest supporter and ally….  If you are interested and this resonates with you can take advantage of the early bird offer until April 1. I am also offering a complimentary ticket for one woman who would benefit from the course.  To be in the running email me with why you need sacred rest for women or you may choose to nominate a woman in your life who could do with some deep nourishing. Please email before April 3 midnight and announcement will be made April 4.

My beloved practice of iRest yoga nidra meditation continues to support me in difficult times. The practice builds a sense of equanimity even when you may have given up on humanity like with the news this week that the Giraffe is now on the endangered list due to increased poaching and diminishing habitat.  If you would like to learn strategies on dealing with difficult emotions, anxiety, insomnia or nervous system repair.  The next course is at Kundalini House starting on April 17.  Book Here:  or call Kundalini House on 9482 4325.

Thank you for reading and may your Easter be full of all the blessings.

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