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Waratah – The Visitation of The Warrior Woman

Waratah – The Visitation of The Warrior Woman

One of the most powerful and amazing dreaming sessions I ever had the pleasure to guide was the story of the visitation of an ancestor of the Wamba Wamba people, a powerful Warrior Woman.

The visitation was in a session with a sensitive kind father of two from white privileged Australian farming background. He was raised by a mother who supported and taught her children respect towards the first people of Australia. Honourable in rural Australia as fear prevails over ownership of the land and for Aboriginal people with no treaty and never conceding sovereignty their sacred land is essentially a crime scene with thousands of massacres of their ancestors by settlers of Victoria and New South Wales.

As we enter deep into the shamanic process, the client recalls a past memory of his childhood playing on farming land in rice fields in Wakool in New South Wales. He recalls a time of being on his neighbours land riding motorbikes, shooting rabbits and kangaroos and one time of finding an ancient bone, he knew it was ancient as it was petrified, a rare sighting in a land of rotting corpses of cattle, rabbits and kangaroos. With the curiosity of the young he shows the bone to his friend and his fathers friend. Who when shown are horrified. He was told to keep it a secret as not wanting the officials to record it as a possible ancient burial ground for risk of losing land to native title land claims. That is all I need to know to carry the session forward. I instruct the client to evoke any being he needs to atone to. And she appears….

A powerful warrior tribal woman. She is an ancient ancestor of the Wamba Wamba tribe in Australia. The client describes her wearing a decorated wooden headpiece and mask and she is angry! I instruct my client to say to her across all time and space as the universe is my witness in full consciousness, from the bottom of my heart please forgive me please forgive me, please forgive me for the heinous acts I committed on your sacred land. Please forgive me for disturbing the resting place of your ancestors, please forgive me for the pain and suffering I have caused you and your beloveds. Please forgive me. “ And it is heartfelt as she proceeds forward with a flower in her hand. I ask Jack, what type of flower is it? He proclaims, “It’s a Waratah!” The sacred flower.

I instruct my client to state, “I openly accept this precious gift as in alignment with my divine highest good.” He continues, “Thank you. This trauma no longer binds us; we are all free to find peace joy and happiness. “ In your forgiving me, I forgive myself and leave the trauma from this experience in the past where it belongs.” The beautiful divine warrior woman smiles and turns and walks away into the ether. And for now that is all.

After the session he recalls the dream he had the night after finding the bone that he still remembers to this day due to the frightening nature of it with the local caretakers in their painted bodies mightily angry and not happy with him, a dream he was grateful to awaken from.  Now the forgiveness is accepted, a restful sleep awaits.

Thank you to Judy Nicholson, Wurrundjeri elder, whose encouragement and kind support in instructing me in sharing this story so it can be known, told and shared with Australians to understand the trauma that exists.

I acknowledge the sacred land of the Merri Merri Clan of the Wurundjeri willam people of the Kulin Nation whose sacred land I walk on, work, raise my family, live, love and grow on. Thank you for holding me and supporting me. Forever Blessed.

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