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Tigress Yoga

Imagine a womanly approach to yoga
Tigress Yoga

Tigress Yoga is an alchemical feminine yoga designed for the female body to awaken the heart of feminine sensuality and sacredness created by Devashi Shakti. Tigress Yoga is the first in the world to offer a tantric – based yoga practise designed specifically for woman’s body. Tigress Yoga is a womanly yoga form based on female physiology, female psychology and female spirituality.

In these times of fast paced, adrenaline fuelled, productivity driven culture it is easy to become tense, disconnected, exhausted and depleted. Through exhaustion, burn out or fear we can shut down the gift of our natural feminine essence and find ourselves lacking inspiration and struggling with creativity and our personal relationships strained and unrewarding.

Tigress Yoga is a technology for women to access their internal Shakti, their feminine essence and discover the mysteries and secrets of your sensuality and feminine energy. To remember the natural wellspring of radiance and ecstatic energy, the abundant joy and bliss that is who you are.

Tigress Yoga will transform your fatigue and frustration into femininity and flow as you release physical tension and find your authentic voice. Re-ignite a passion for life and sensual rejuvenation, honouring your Shakti as the source of your pleasure and power.

The benefits from a Tigress Yoga practice can be profound, positively transforming ALL areas of your life.

Rachel Hanrahan with Tigress Yoga founder Devashi Shakti
This is what women are saying about Tigress Yoga

“Tigress Yoga feels like luscious chocolate”

“Tigress is not like any other yoga I’ve done before. Getting into new parts of my body released a lot of emotions and pain; when the event outline says this will detoxify your nervous system, believe it! It was also grounding and for me, something which is really important and safe. I’m wary of courses that open you up & throw you out into the outside world in a vulnerable state. Not this one – the balance of vulnerability, support & empowerment worked beautifully”


“The practice feels like coming home to myself. I feel like I am taking up more space in my body afterwards. I thought I was a really grounded woman, but after this practice I realize how now it feels to REALLY take up space inside of my own body”

To find out more about Tigress Yoga and the founder Devashi Shakti:
Visit the Tigress Yoga website
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What happens in a Tigress Yoga class?

In Tigress Yoga® classes we focus on awakening, developing and refining our feminine essence. By immersing yourself in the flow of your Shakti a new range of aliveness will open up in your body. The results bring deep rest, self-acceptance, sensuous embodiment, a balanced mind, open heart and much more. We provide you with a safe sanctuary space, to move out of your head and into the deep pleasure of your female body, so you can awaken your true feminine power. We show you the steps of how to do it and there are various different classes so you can continue to progress as your level of embodiment increases. Suited to any female body, any age, level of flexibility or yoga experience, this beautiful alchemical practice will take you deeper into the infinite bliss of living in a female body.

Upcoming classes

Gentle Series
Reconnect Yoga

140 Melville Road Brunswick West

Fridays 6:30- 8:00pm

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About Rachel

Rachel is a senior Tigress Yoga instructor and lead trainer (from 2018) for the Tigress Yoga: Sacred Female Yoga training. She has been practising Tigress Yoga for 6 years the alchemical prayer of Tigress Yoga allows her to be a better mother, lover, sister, daughter and friend.
She is an experienced yoga teacher of 12 years and specialises in restorative yoga, iRest meditation and trauma informed Hatha Yoga.

Tigress Yoga Classes

Intro classes are open for any woman to enjoy. This is a great place to start if you have not tried Tigress Yoga® before. We create a wonderful atmosphere for you to feel safe & free to awaken your feminine body. Open casual classes include an intro talk and some time to share your experience or ask questions after the class. It’s also perfect for those women who can’t commit to a full series of classes.


This is the ideal starting place for new Tigress Yoga® students. Our Gentle classes involve slower, restorative movements that deeply release tension, unlock feminine power and complete with our unique womanly meditations. This beautiful alchemical practice will take you deeper into the infinite bliss of living in a female body. Awaken your feminine body for the first time, or come to rejuvenate your Shakti while living in this busy world.

This class is offered as a 6 week course. If you have not signed up to a class series before, start here. If you prefer a more restorative and less activating class, this is the one for you. Many practical tools from the classes can also be integrated into daily life, so you continue to cultivate your female vitality outside of class too.

We recommend continuing at this level until you feel ready to progress onto our other classes. Gentle is suited to any female body, any age, level of flexibility or yoga experience. For more information about this unique yoga form, visit

Dynamic Yin

The Dynamic level of Tigress Yoga practice facilitates a systematic process of shaking off what keeps our real beauty at bay, to value our deep feminine essence in all it’s expression.


The range of movement in this class brings a little more challenge than the Gentle level. We focus on balancing mind/body/spirit, detoxifying your hormonal system, restoring reproductive organs, stretching the spine, renewing vital energies and awakening your inner body. It feels sensual, expressive and invigorating.


This class is offered as an 8 week course. To progress on the path of Tigress

Yoga™, we encourage you to practice Gentle + Dynamic level for at least

9mths to one year to experience the full benefits that happen over time.


This feminine approach to yoga will support you to feel more self-love, nourish your body and cultivate your sensual vitality. For more information about this unique yoga form, visit


This class series is more playful, celebratory, orgasmic and involves some gentle, nurturing interaction with other women. You are welcome to wear something flowing to fully experience the pathway to presence via your natural sensuality. Here you can learn the secrets of free sensual expression with mystique & magnetic containment.


This class is offered as an 8 week course. It will support you to feel more ease of expression, open to the receptivity of your body and give you a safe space to shine in your feminine glory. For more information about this unique yoga form, visit


These workshops are open for woman to enjoy, at any level of experience with our divine womanly yoga form. This beautiful alchemical practice will take you deeper into the infinite bliss of living in a female body. Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere Rachel will create for you to feel safe and free to nourish your sensual feminine body. A fusion of Level 1 class styles is involved..

Meeting your Tigress sisters and having more spacious time for personal sharing is a feature of these half-day workshops. (In class series the focus is on your individual practise only.) There will be an intro talk and some time to ask questions. It’s perfect for those who want to interact with others on the path and for any woman coming to Tigress Yoga for the first time. You will also have extra time after to luxuriate in the energy you cultivated during your practice and take in tips of how to keep this energy alive in daily life.

Tigress Yoga is a tantric yoga style, specifically designed to awaken your female body. Yoga was traditionally for men and normally not taught with intricate awareness of the female body and the female experience. Tigress Yoga is the first in the western world designed specifically for women.

Level 1 Tigress Yoga: Restoring Inner Beauty
What might happen? De-masculinisation process to make peace with your feminine nature, emotional detoxification, awakening your feminine body, give yourself permission to be a sensual woman, reconnect your heart/sex connection, discover healthy sisterhood, effortless stillness, feminine meditations, find your natural confidence and more.


For more information about our unique womanly yoga, visit


Intensives are held over a number of mornings or evenings with a fusion of both Gentle & Dynamic Yin Tigress Yoga. Enjoy the restorative movement meditation and the more invigorating aspects of this beautiful practice to awaken your feminine body. Walk into your day with your Tigress spirit alive and awake.

You will feel the aliveness build each day in your body. It’s a fantastic opportunity to feel the effects of daily practice. It isn’t necessary to have attended a full class series first, though this will help you get optimal results. Unleash your feminine wildness + nurture your precious womanly virtues.

Note: Class numbers are limited to maintain the safe, intimate space for every woman. Casual bookings are not permitted within an intensive, so we can ensure a safe container for students to go deeper, without the circle changing each class.


For more information about our unique womanly yoga, visit


Tigress Yoga terms and conditions.